Monthly Archives: November 2009

I am pleased to announce that Cliff Beer has joined Epik as Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel. Cliff and I go way back.  Cliff joined my previous company, Global Market Insite (GMI) in 2000. He was with GMI from 2000 to 2006, during which time we grew annual sales from $3 million to $60 […]

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Over the weekend, I had an opportunity to catch up on some reading.  A few of the articles I read were particularly helpful to understand what is going on in the world. The first 3 articles are also related to my recent posts about China and the outlook for the US dollar. The last article  […]

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A quick heads up for a closing auction. DVD-Copier.com is a developed website that we produced on the Wishpot platform.  The site went live 10 days ago and has now been indexed by Google.  The Estibot appraisal for the domain alone is $7,000.  The bidding for the entire website is currently at just $50, and […]

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This past week was historic.  For the first time in probably a century, the President of the United States was not the most important person in the room.  As a US citizen — albeit of Dutch blood — this is not exactly the easiest thing to watch unfold. While troubling on one level, it just […]

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Nov 13

Deal Friday

Quick heads up.  Epik’s domain auction platform is out of beta. There are a couple of domain auctions that are closing later today which I think are interesting. They also happen to be bargain-priced. ShakeFlashlights.com is a domain that we acquired on the drop on November 5 using Epik’s integrated backorder platform.  We paid reg-fee […]

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The Sage of Omaha is a pretty smart guy. He also may be the ultimate insider trader who happens to be tight with Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs, Barack Obama, Bill and Melinda Gates, and pretty much anyone else in the world with a major part in the global economic theater. Pay attention to his […]

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The blog post entitled Ka-ching was a popular one and continues to get reactions and comments.  It described where I believe money is being made on the internet, and by inference, which types of domain names might be worth owning and monetizing through development. The Ka-Ching #1 post did not explain a key aspect of […]

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Rick Schwartz served up another provocative post this week and then chased it today with another — suggesting that Microsoft should acquire a very large cross-section of the most valuable domains for the princely sum of at least $8 billion.  The $8 billion dollar question is does Microsoft have a domain strategy.  As near as […]

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