Monthly Archives: April 2010

Apr 30

Yesterday evening, I witnessed a beautiful thing. Epik Network Partner, Todd Johnson, decided he no longer needed the domain name YellowBikinis.com. Kenny Hartog, another Epik Network Partner, has been assembling a swimwear domain portfolio.  Todd gave Kenny the domain — for FREE.  I am pretty sure Kenny and Todd are now BFF.  In the spirit […]

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It could not happen to a nicer country.   2500 years ago Greece was the center of Democratic humanity. Remember Solon’s reforms? Old glory. Today, the country Greece is for sale.  What’s next? Endorsement rights for the Parthenon? Pay attention since this actually matters to the domain name asset class. Why it matters? This is not […]

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The Epik Product Portal network is ramping nicely.   This week, we’ll release 102 hand-crafted sites, and 104 sites are on deck for next week.   Epik clients are looking for more great product portal names that can be developed and are paying cash for these names. No auction crapshoot required! What are Epik clients looking for? […]

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Search Engine Optimization is a critical ingredient to launching a new site.  This post shares some of my experience with SEO — good and bad.  It also describes a special program for clients who want to experience the impact of professional SEO. I used to be a SEO skeptic My first serious exposure to SEO […]

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One of the things I really enjoy about what we are doing at Epik is helping folks become effective domain developers.  One guy who is on the way to building a pretty sweet portfolio of income-producing properties is Morgan Schwartz.  He has figured out what I think the majority of domain owners have yet to […]

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One of the derivative benefits of domain development is building Pagerank.  A number of the early developments have now achieved page rank — in some cases significant.  We can’t possibly develop all of them so from time to time we’ll make names available for sale or co-development. What is Pagerank? For the uninitiated, Pagerank is […]

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I am pleased to announce that Epik is the exclusive auction house for the premium domain name Hives.com.   The domain appraises on Estibot at a whopping $384,000 and the owner has priced it to sell THIS WEEK with a reserve of just $25,000. Some notable stats about this listing: 1 out of 6 Americans suffer […]

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Domainers who still avoid names with hyphens are stuck in what I call the “parking industry time warp”.  Search engines actually like hyphens.  Nevertheless, every day, great hyphen names are dropping.  Epik is picking them up by the dozens.  This post summarizes a few recent hyphen catches and why I like them. Hyphens work — […]

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Apr 08

It has been a little busy over here at Epik HQ. As a result, there has not been as much time to comment on the global economy.  For anyone needing a quick update on what is going on with fiat currencies, and the US dollar in particular, here is an informative post on a great […]

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Yesterday, I mentioned Epik’s program for making drop-catch names available to anyone who wants to develop on Epik.  We will also make this program available for the names that we catch for our own account. Herewith, I share today’s catch. First come. First serve. Domain Appraisal ($) Google Ad competition Avg Cpc Search Volume airport-cab.com […]

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