Monthly Archives: August 2010

With more than 5,000 Epik-powered stores live, we now have some decent visibility into which categories make money.  To help domain owners with selecting domains and product categories that monetize, here is a digest of the August CPC numbers by category. Appliances Air Purifiers $0.36 Blenders $0.36 Breadmakers $0.36 Can Openers $0.36 Coffee Grinders $0.36 […]

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We are now just 15 days from the start what promises to be a great conference.  Yesterday evening I had a discussion with a new Epik Developer. It gave me an insight into how the Epik DevCon is perceived — he thought the conference was expensive.  In fact, DevCon is an insanely good deal. One […]

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Epik Developers are having success.  A growing number of them are expanding their portfolios to the point that the investment level in domains and portals becomes material.  This post discusses 4 case studies of individuals who are building big-time without breaking the bank. Volume Pricing – Kenny Hartog The story of Kenny’s success on the […]

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One of my favorite places in the world is a placed called Caneel Bay in St. John.  One of the long-time staffers is an aging bartender who has a rather unique presence.  If you ask him how he is doing, he always has one pat answer, delivered with characteristic Carribean glee: Could be better …. […]

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Aug 25

Epik Developer Todd Johnson checked in tonight to say that his color sites are making money on Epik.   I checked it and it is true.  For example, you can check the stats on Todd’s WhiteShelves.com by clicking here — $39 net in a week for what used to be a parked domain. I was a […]

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Chad Fisher of Pyramid SEO will be speaking at the Epik DevCon on the morning of September 16.   His talk will be part of our Acquire-Develop-Operate-Sell series. Chad is an SEO veteran.  He regularly consults with Epik Developers and also manages one of our content sourcing relationships.   In this guest post, Chad shares some thoughts […]

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Aug 24

This is what they call a Stick-save

I have gone on record here and here to rotate out of stocks and bonds and into domains and websites.  I am sticking to this call.  In fact, today was what traders call a “stick save”, i.e. where we narrowly avoided busting through 10,000 on the Dow to the downside. One pundit has called the […]

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Aug 24

The Edgewater is now fully booked during the Epik Developer Conference — September 15-17.  We are on the hunt for more rooms and have secured 5 more rooms.  If you need assistance securing a hotel room, please contact Kristine Oliver — kristine@epik.com.   We’ll update this page as we secure additional group rates. Hotel 1000 has […]

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I am a big fan of asking the customer what they think.  In keeping with that philosophy, you will see that the Epik DevCon T-shirt got better. And now we need to ask you one more question! The back of the shirt The feedback about the back of the shirt was positive.  We also know […]

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Konstantin Kostov just picked up these 3 names, along with the indicated appraised values on Estibot: liposuctionsurgery.net    $7,300 cheesepress.com    $8,800 olympicbarbell.com    $14,000 These 3 names were all Epik drop-catches from earlier in the year.   Our basis was reg-fee so it was easy to leave a lot of money on the table for the next guy.  […]

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