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Impressions from ICANN 51

Greetings from Los Angeles where I have spent the last few days at the ICANN 51 conference. While much of the content is the stuff of policy wonks, I found it time well spent. As the CEO of an ICANN-accredited registrar, I believe it is important to be active in the dialog around the future […]

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Leasing Domains: How we do it at Epik, and how you can too!

At the Webfest conference in Los Angeles, one of the recurring themes that I encountered was the topic of Domain Name Leasing as alternative monetization strategy for domain holders.  At Epik we have long believed in the power of leasing and have some transactional experience and operating competency in this area.  Domain Leasing was Epik’s […]

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I just returned from an excellent DomainFest 2011 in Santa Monica. Hats off to the Oversee team who continue to set the standard for the Industry. During the conference I had an opportunity to meet with an institutional investor that is already working with Epik. This Hong Kong based investor has significant pedigree in institutional […]

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I am delighted to announce that Braden Pollock has joined the Epik Board of Directors. Braden’s company, Legal Brand Marketing LLC, is a recognized leader in the field of lead generation markets.  In addition to making a financial investment in Epik, Braden and Epik will be advising Epik on how to provide industry-leading solutions for […]

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Happy New Year! In a blog post last week, I outlined the main achievements in 2010. Although our first full year of operation was not without its challenges, overall it was a productive year, particularly for a young company that has yet to take in institutional capital.   This post summarizes my macro view of the […]

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As expected, SwapFest-Miami was bigger and better. The participants in SwapFest-Miami came away with a nice haul.  The list of winning bids can be downloaded here.  SwapFest is now open for public bidding for the remaining inventory.  Bids will be accepted through Wednesday, 10/27 at 5 pm PT and announced by Friday, 10/29.  In this […]

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The pre-bids continue to roll in for SwapFest-Miami on 10/20.  As of Monday evening, Pre-bids for SwapFest-Miami already exceed the total bids for SwapFest-Seattle.  Since the SwapFest Dutch auction bidding format will be new for most of the participants, this blog post will provide a brief overview of how the bidding works for anyone who […]

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The weather in Miami is perfect and the pre-bidding for SwapFest is heating up. One bidder has already submitted more than 100 pre-bids. With more than 5,000 auction lots in this SwapFest, there is something for everyone. Whether you are attending SwapFest-Miami or not, Pre-bidding for SwapFest is a good strategy. Here is why. Pre-bidding […]

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The first SwapFest in Seattle was a surprise hit.  The efficient Dutch auction model made it possible to auction more than 3,000 domain assets in less than 90 minutes using an auction format that is fun and transparent.  The idea of SwapFest was big enough to justify developing a business around it.  To this end, […]

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We always knew that Rick Schwartz and Howard Neu had vision.  So, when we asked them if they would be open to the idea of accepting EpikBucks as a form of payment for the upcoming TRAFFIC conference in Miami, it was no surprise that they wholeheartedly embraced the idea. TRAFFIC is a franchise worth preserving […]

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