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Why you probably might not have what you think you have

The November 2011 bankruptcy of MF Global and the subsequent global search for the million $1+ billion in customer deposits is looking increasingly like the tip of the iceberg. There is a much larger risk scenario that is beginning to unfold.  Pay attention now or suffer the consequences later. Hypothecation is far more prevalent than […]

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Back in February 2011, I stated that the Double Dip had arrived. That was a somewhat bold statement in February. However in June 2011, that assessment would appear to be indisputable. These 2 charts tell the story of life in uncharted territory. The Macro Story in just 2 charts There are many economic charts — […]

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A Crackup Boom is a term you may hear more often in the next 18 months. The concept refers to what happens when the “velocity of money” suddenly accelerates as money goes to work to escape the impact of currency debasement through massive purchases of alternate stores of value.  Smart money has already figured this […]

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As predicted, the price of silver has continued to rocket.   The story is being chronicled in near real-time by ZeroHedge, Max Keiser and Turd Ferguson.   Silver is up a whopping 22% in the last 30 days. A massive short squeeze appears to be under way and picking up a head of steam into the March […]

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In Epik’s 2011 Outlook, we said to expect inflation this year. Well, that did not take long. The headlines these days are  full of news of inflation — specifically inflation in the things you need (food, fuel, clothing) and deflation in the things you don’t (a larger house or a new boat).  To date, this […]

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In case you missed it, Bloomberg’s Pimm Fox did a worthwhile interview today on the outlook for US retail with veteran retail industry analyst Howard Davidovitz.  In this insightful interview, Davidovitz throws cold water on the notion of a sustainable recovery for physical world retail.  Just as we are seeing a hollowing out of the […]

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Recent news and developments are a reminder that we walk among Giants — and by this I do not mean the World Series Champion San Francisco Giants. I am talking about corporate behemoths like Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft whose treasuries are overflowing with cash and who are systematically reinforcing market dominance through a combination […]

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There was an interesting read on ZeroHedge a few weeks ago. The article made the case for announcement of a $3 trillion wave of Quantitative Easing starting on November 3 — the day after the US mid-term elections, and also the date of the next meeting of the Federal Reserve Board Governors. Since this provocative […]

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When it comes to domain names, the cream of the crop are known as “category-defining domain names”, a domain name that exactly describes the type of business or subject the site is about. To be sure, having such a domain name is not in itself sufficient for success, but the odds are greatly improved, particularly […]

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During a brief visit to New York City, I had a chance to visit with a number of Epik partners and clients.  Power-Developer, Kenny Hartog, kindly opened up his home for a late night visit following DomainFest.  During a far-ranging discussion, Kenny asked me about stocks.   He was surprised to learn that I own no […]

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