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Epik’s Next Chapter: The Future of Domain Name Asset Management

Epik has been a pioneer in the area of developing domain names into income-producing intellectual property assets — a role which continues to this day and which has been chronicled both on this blog and elsewhere.  Now that summer has ended, it seems an appropriate time for a review of our continuing efforts to develop […]

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Epik Introduces Domain Registrar Services

In the wake of Epik LLC’s completed acquisition of Intrust Domains’ domain registry business, Epik is pleased to announce the introduction of Epik Registrar Services. With Epik Registrar, you can now acquire domain names and have them appear instantly in your Epik portfolio. We believe that Epik’s ability to couple mainline registrar services with domain […]

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I am delighted to announce that Braden Pollock has joined the Epik Board of Directors. Braden’s company, Legal Brand Marketing LLC, is a recognized leader in the field of lead generation markets.  In addition to making a financial investment in Epik, Braden and Epik will be advising Epik on how to provide industry-leading solutions for […]

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Jan 06

With a new year comes the opportunity for renewal and change, an opportunity that we at Epik have grasped. The end of 2010 was a very busy one from a product development standpoint, essentially doubling the number of development platforms over the past six weeks. We launched two entirely new platforms — epik | Recipes […]

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Happy New Year! In a blog post last week, I outlined the main achievements in 2010. Although our first full year of operation was not without its challenges, overall it was a productive year, particularly for a young company that has yet to take in institutional capital.   This post summarizes my macro view of the […]

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August was a month of what I have come to call “hypergrowth”.   The business nearly tripled in August compared to July.  During the same period, quality actually improved.  And while  operating gaps remain, we know what they are and are closing them.  Here is a brief recap of August and a rundown of what you […]

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I will turn 43 years old in August. I now have the gray hair, receding hairline and sports injuries to prove it.  Along with the bad stuff comes also the good stuff: wisdom, accountability, reputation, and enduring friendships.  Whether you call it Karma, win-win, or what-goes-around-comes-around, I have learned that it pays to be nice. […]

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I am delighted to announce the First Annual Epik Developer Conference. The conference will be hosted in Epik’s home town of Seattle from September 15-17, 2010. Client Summits are an important growth driver As many people in the industry know, prior to starting Epik, I spent 8 years building a company called Global Market Insite […]

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February is shaping up to be a productive month at Epik. In this post, I will briefly highlight two of our latest beta releases — Slideshow.com and Questions.com – and will then put these latest developments into the broader context of the emerging Epik ecosystem. Slideshow.com Slideshow.com goes beyond existing slide-sharing services. It is the […]

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I am pleased to announce that after months of planning, Epik portfolio company, Patents.com, has formed a strategic partnership with publicly-traded UTEK Corporation, a leader in intellectual property licensing.  Details of the deal can be found here which includes both an operating partnership and a 6 month Right of First Refusal (ROFR) to acquire Patents.com. […]

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