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Introducing Masterbucks: Epik’s Online Barter Currency

Epik is pleased to announce the general availability of Masterbucks™. Masterbucks is both an online barter currency and the “stored value” digital wallet in which those monies are stored. With Masterbucks, you can purchase goods and services not just within the Epik Network but from any site that supports the Masterbucks API. Masterbucks are easy […]

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Veteran domainers know the drill.  We buy domains. We hope for a return, either from operating the domain or from selling the domain at a premium.  However, n the last 12 months, the economic equation of Buy and Park got tougher. As a result, a large number of marginal domains are being dropped.  Is there […]

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Happy New Year! In a blog post last week, I outlined the main achievements in 2010. Although our first full year of operation was not without its challenges, overall it was a productive year, particularly for a young company that has yet to take in institutional capital.   This post summarizes my macro view of the […]

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We always knew that Rick Schwartz and Howard Neu had vision.  So, when we asked them if they would be open to the idea of accepting EpikBucks as a form of payment for the upcoming TRAFFIC conference in Miami, it was no surprise that they wholeheartedly embraced the idea. TRAFFIC is a franchise worth preserving […]

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The much-anticipated SwapBook for this week’s Epik SwapFest is live. Herewith you will find the download of the SwapBook along with answers to questions about the process leading up to the Dutch auction on Friday for whatever remains from the Swap inventory.  A supplemental list of names will be published on Friday morning including names […]

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August was a month of what I have come to call “hypergrowth”.   The business nearly tripled in August compared to July.  During the same period, quality actually improved.  And while  operating gaps remain, we know what they are and are closing them.  Here is a brief recap of August and a rundown of what you […]

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Sep 07

The objective of creating EpikBucks is to create a medium of exchange to enable transactions that would otherwise not get done, or would be considered taxable events subject to capital gains taxes.  Deals are getting done using EpikBucks as a medium of exchange.  So, the obvious question then is how to convert EpikBucks to CASH. […]

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A question came in from an individual who plans to attend Epik DevCon next week in Seattle.  He asked if it would be possible to pay for his conference registration with EpikBucks.  The short answer is  yes.  In other words, you can pay for your conference registration with domain names.  How cool is that?  For […]

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Sep 06

Happy Labor Day.  In anticipation of the Epik DevCon Live Auction on 9/16 and the Ruilverkaveling SwapFest on 9/17, EpikBucks deals are getting done at a steady pace.  Here are a couple of deals from earlier today that illustrate the EpikBucks model for creating industry liquidity. A Portfolio acquired for $10,000 EpikBucks Konstantin Kostov completed […]

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