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Check out Epik’s new look!

One of the most important things that drives a company is having access to demanding, sophisticated customers who are willing to share their ideas on how to make a better system.  Epik is extremely blessed in this department.  We have also earned a reputation for being responsive to input and suggestions.  The result has been […]

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Announcing the Epik Content Dashboard: Integrated Content Provisioning and Management

Epik is pleased to announce the Content Dashboard, a unique new feature that offers integrated content creation, provisioning, and management to all our users. Users can scalably order and manage high quality, original text content for any properties in their domain name portfolio, enabling them to improve the value, page rank, and usefulness of their […]

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This past week was historic.  For the first time in probably a century, the President of the United States was not the most important person in the room.  As a US citizen — albeit of Dutch blood — this is not exactly the easiest thing to watch unfold. While troubling on one level, it just […]

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The Sage of Omaha is a pretty smart guy. He also may be the ultimate insider trader who happens to be tight with Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs, Barack Obama, Bill and Melinda Gates, and pretty much anyone else in the world with a major part in the global economic theater. Pay attention to his […]

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