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Launching Product Portals 3.0, Where Content is King

The new Product Portals platform, version 3.0, has now been rolled out to all domain owners! The feedback we’ve gotten from early adopters has been overwhelmingly positive, to say the least. The 3.0 platform offers a cleaner, updated UI for the storefront, a brand new admin system, and most importantly, the ability to increase the […]

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As some of you know, we are in the midst of a redesign of the Product Portal platform, everything from the storefront itself to the admin system, from the reporting tools to the processes in our Ops center. Even though it will not be launching until next month, I though it appropriate to give everyone […]

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It has been a good week for the Epik Product Portal platform.  Design changes made during late-October are taking effect.  On Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday we have seen average DAILY growth of 19%, 8% and 6% in network revenues (a 3-day average of ~11%), breaking all previous daily records for the network. Probably even more […]

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At the September Epik Developer Conference, we announced that Epik would be shipping full eCommerce in Q4.  Well, I am delighted to announce that the first eCommerce portal to go live is EmergencyFood.com.   The platform is officially launched and we believe that this is the single largest leap forward in capability since the start of […]

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With more than 5,000 Epik-powered stores live, we now have some decent visibility into which categories make money.  To help domain owners with selecting domains and product categories that monetize, here is a digest of the August CPC numbers by category. Appliances Air Purifiers $0.36 Blenders $0.36 Breadmakers $0.36 Can Openers $0.36 Coffee Grinders $0.36 […]

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A number of folks have asked about why our Product Portals perform as well as they do. How can it be a that a site makes little to nothing on a parking network, Amazon store, or Shopping.com store, and then months later on Epik dramatically more? There are a number of reasons that are worth […]

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When we launched Product Portals,  we did so with a model of a 50/50 revenue share.   However, with sites like IceCreamMaker.com racking up $1,200 in monthly net, and Epik-developer Kenny Hartog now operating more than 500 Epik-powered sites, the monthly revenues quickly become material. It is time for Epik to up the ante. Introducing increased […]

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In a previous post, I compared domain development to farming.  Even baseball uses the term “farm team” to describe the place where you incubate up and comers. While the idea of “domain farming” is certainly not unique, Epik’s execution of the domain farming metaphor is definitely unique.  A key component of the domain farming process […]

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On the weekend, Epik delivered another 102 custom product portals.  In this post, I share some examples of why I think this is a pretty strong set of product portals that we are excited to be building. A few point worth noting about the portals of week 22: An initial baseline of Alexa rank is […]

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Search Engine Optimization is a critical ingredient to launching a new site.  This post shares some of my experience with SEO — good and bad.  It also describes a special program for clients who want to experience the impact of professional SEO. I used to be a SEO skeptic My first serious exposure to SEO […]

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