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In the Land of the Blind the one-eyed man is King

Truth be told:  a growing number of Professional Domainers are nervous about the launch of new gTLDs.   The official party line I hear from many domainers is something along the lines of “this too shall pass”.  However in private, now that .ANYTHING is fast becoming a reality, there are signs of tension among professional domainers, […]

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Why you probably might not have what you think you have

The November 2011 bankruptcy of MF Global and the subsequent global search for the million $1+ billion in customer deposits is looking increasingly like the tip of the iceberg. There is a much larger risk scenario that is beginning to unfold.  Pay attention now or suffer the consequences later. Hypothecation is far more prevalent than […]

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Transferring Domains from GoDaddy into Epik Registrar

The recent launch of the Epik Marketplace has generated a great deal of interest in registering domains with Epik.  Why?  Aside from offering a full-service customer-friendly registrar, domains that are registered at Epik are able to list in the Epik Marketplace commission-free and be visible to a fast-growing audience of predominantly end-users.  There have been […]

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Why new gTLDs are GOOD for domains

The long anticipated  announcement by ICANN about opening up the namespace to new gTLDs has received a great deal of attention in the domain industry.  A number of people have asked for my assessment.  My bottom line is that more TLDs is fundamentally good news for domains.   Why more TLDs is good news for […]

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As predicted, the price of silver has continued to rocket.   The story is being chronicled in near real-time by ZeroHedge, Max Keiser and Turd Ferguson.   Silver is up a whopping 22% in the last 30 days. A massive short squeeze appears to be under way and picking up a head of steam into the March […]

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Dec 06

Call me crazy but I really like seasonal domain names.   They fall out of favor when they are not in season but come roaring back when their season comes around.  This year is no exception as many of the top performers for November and December are related to the winter and winter holiday season. Included […]

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By now, for most people, Thanksgiving 2010 is a distant memory.  In my case, I will remember this one for a very long time to come.  Thanksgiving 2010 was when I fully grasped the concept of “Two Americas”.  This year, we spent Thanksgiving in New York City where we met up with my extended family.  […]

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One of my favorite places in the world is a placed called Caneel Bay in St. John.  One of the long-time staffers is an aging bartender who has a rather unique presence.  If you ask him how he is doing, he always has one pat answer, delivered with characteristic Carribean glee: Could be better …. […]

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Test Drive a Directory As readers of this blog well know, Epik has developed several platform to cost-effectively create useful and profitable websites for the domain owners. The Epik | Directory platform is used to build out domains whose names can best be represented as a directory of information, whether is is a location, a […]

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The Epik Wiki solution has grown quickly since the announcement on July 4.  Our Wiki platform provides a free solution for building sites that are crowd-edited.  It is perfect for How-to sites, People sites and Reference sites. And now, we go one step further by offering a Wiki marketplace where the Epik-powered sites can be […]

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