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The “Give a Sh** Factor”

One of the people that has been making the rounds lately in the financial media is a hedge fund manager named Kyle Bass of Hayman Capital.   The guy is often on the right side of the trade, particularly when it comes to his bets in credit markets — notably mortgage-backed securities in 2008 and now […]

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Launching Product Portals 3.0, Where Content is King

The new Product Portals platform, version 3.0, has now been rolled out to all domain owners! The feedback we’ve gotten from early adopters has been overwhelmingly positive, to say the least. The 3.0 platform offers a cleaner, updated UI for the storefront, a brand new admin system, and most importantly, the ability to increase the […]

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Certain domain names naturally lend themselves to a particular use. HardDrives.com, for example, is naturally suited to be an e-tailing site that sells hard drives, whereas a site like DenverRestaurants.com would tend towards a directory of restaurants in, yes, Denver. Such natural tendencies are true not just for domain names but for TLDs as well. […]

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As some of you may know, I’m a foodie, which is to say that I love to cook (when I have the time), enjoy any opportunity to expand my understanding of food and wine, and that I have a rather debilitating cookbook addiction. I am therefore especially pleased to announce the newest of Epik’s development […]

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Earlier this week, we began shipping Epik | eCommerce, our new e-commerce platform. To say we are excited about this platform is a gross understatement. Epik| eCommerce is much more than just a shopping cart: It is a complete online marketing and sales solution that is powerful and easy to use, giving you everything you […]

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It is always interesting to me to see how folks are building their development portfolios on Epik.  There are different strategies that are working for different people in terms of how they are building value.  This post spotlights a few individuals and their strategies. The Empire Builder – Kenny Hartog Kenny is the largest developer […]

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When it comes to domain names, the cream of the crop are known as “category-defining domain names”, a domain name that exactly describes the type of business or subject the site is about. To be sure, having such a domain name is not in itself sufficient for success, but the odds are greatly improved, particularly […]

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Amazon’s Q2 earnings are out. They missed the analyst estimates and the stock tanked 15% in after-hours trading.  Domain owners with product category names, take note, as I believe this has implications. I previous blogged about Amazon here. I continue to follow Amazon closely, not just because they are a Seattle-based internet success story, but […]

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The .CO sunrise and landrush has generated a tremendous amount of interest.   One of the main challenges for past TLD launches has been the anemic level of actual development, which ultimately resulted in the irrelevance of the TLD — .ws, cc, .mx,  .whocares?   In the case of .CO, a lot of the best keywords have […]

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Owen Frager is pretty irresistible when he wants to be.   When he asked me to do a webcast, I was thinking something small scale and low profile.   It looks like it will be a well-attended broadcast. I am looking forward to the event and hope you will join us for what should be informative session […]

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