Transferring Domains from GoDaddy into Epik Registrar

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The recent launch of the Epik Marketplace has generated a great deal of interest in registering domains with Epik.  Why?  Aside from offering a full-service customer-friendly registrar, domains that are registered at Epik are able to list in the Epik Marketplace commission-free and be visible to a fast-growing audience of predominantly end-users.  There have been a number of questions on how to transfer domains into Epik.  GoDaddy is one of the main places from where users are transferring domains.   It turns out that transferring from GoDaddy into Epik is really quite easy. Here are the steps for migrating a large number of domains from GoDaddy to Epik:

1. Launch the GoDaddy Domain Manager:

2. Select the domain you plan to transfer and unlock them — you can do this one at a time or in bulk.

3. Export your GoDaddy authorization codes by going to Tools –> Exportable Lists

4. Click Add New Export

5. Save the file as an uncompressed CSV

6. Once the export file is created, you can open it in Excel, Word or a text editor.   Excel is easiest and the default for CSV.  When you open the file, you will see something like the following:

7.  In Excel, now delete the middle columns so you have just Domain name and Authorization Code

8. You can now import your domains at the Epik Transfer Manager: . Simply paste in the rows like this:

Press the Begin Process button to start the transfer.  Epik will then verify that your domains are eligible for transfer and then walk you through the remaining steps to complete the transfer process.  If you get stuck, you can always send your exported file to and we’ll complete the remaining steps for you in your Epik account.

Note on Registrar Locking:  Many registrars make it difficult to transfer a domain out of their registrar. Epik will always cooperate with transfer-out requests and in most cases will release a domain within 24 hours rather than the customary 5 day wait period.  We do not and will not arbitrarily registrar-lock your domain unless required to do so by ICANN or UDRP.  If your registrar has a registrar-lock on your domain and your domain is more than 60 days old, please contact us at for assistance with navigating your registrar’s locking policy.


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