Rob Monster

Epik.com At NamesCon

Epik.com At NamesCon

Attending NamesCon this week?   Stop by the Epik hospitality booth in the exhibitor area  

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Rob Monster

Check out Epik’s new look!

Check out Epik’s new look!

One of the most important things that drives a company is having access to demanding, sophisticated customers who are willing to share their ideas on how to make a better system.  Epik is extremely blessed in this department.  We have also earned a reputation for being responsive to input and suggestions.  The result has been […]

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Rob Monster

Impressions from ICANN 51

Impressions from ICANN 51

Greetings from Los Angeles where I have spent the last few days at the ICANN 51 conference. While much of the content is the stuff of policy wonks, I found it time well spent. As the CEO of an ICANN-accredited registrar, I believe it is important to be active in the dialog around the future […]

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In the Land of the Blind the one-eyed man is King

Truth be told:  a growing number of Professional Domainers are nervous about the launch of new gTLDs.   The official party line I hear from many domainers is something along the lines of “this too shall pass”.  However in private, now that .ANYTHING is fast becoming a reality, there are signs of tension among professional domainers, […]

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John Lawler

gTLDs at Epik: The Sun is About to Rise

gTLDs at Epik: The Sun is About to Rise

Today the world has about two dozen generic top-level domains (gTLDs) including the popular ones (.com, .net, .org) as well as lesser known ones such as .mobi and .tel. Over time, 200+ country codes TLDs (ccTLDs) were created for all countries, e.g. .ca for Canada or .jp for Japan. When the addressing convention for the […]

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Safeguarding your Domain Portfolio using Access Controls

As the world becomes more wired, the need for network security grows more critical. Banks, brokerage houses, and online stores have all stepped up their game to help safeguard personal information and online assets. While it is easy to take registrar security for granted, recent industry headlines demonstrates that registrars are also a target for […]

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The Seven (Deadly) Sins of the Registrar

In July 2011, Epik became an accredited registrar.  The decision to become a registrar did not come lightly.  As an active domain investor, I had a good sense of the market and believed that the registrar industry was both lacking innovation and playing too many games with the registrants. Since 2011, Epik has been building […]

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Leasing Domains: How we do it at Epik, and how you can too!

At the Webfest conference in Los Angeles, one of the recurring themes that I encountered was the topic of Domain Name Leasing as alternative monetization strategy for domain holders.  At Epik we have long believed in the power of leasing and have some transactional experience and operating competency in this area.  Domain Leasing was Epik’s […]

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Usability: Making Epik Tools Even More Powerful and Intuitive

Followers of Epik know of our mission to bring Integrated Domain Name Asset Management not just to a handful of domainers, but into the mainstream. Epik is committed to providing industry-leading customer service while at the same time empowering users of all skill levels to become effective managers of their domain and website portfolios. There […]

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Announcing the Epik Content Dashboard: Integrated Content Provisioning and Management

Epik is pleased to announce the Content Dashboard, a unique new feature that offers integrated content creation, provisioning, and management to all our users. Users can scalably order and manage high quality, original text content for any properties in their domain name portfolio, enabling them to improve the value, page rank, and usefulness of their […]

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