Epik’s Next Chapter: The Future of Domain Name Asset Management

Epik has been a pioneer in the area of developing domain names into income-producing intellectual property assets — a role which continues to this day and which has been chronicled both on this blog and elsewhere.  Now that summer has ended, it seems an appropriate time for a review of our continuing efforts to develop […]

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Why you probably might not have what you think you have

The November 2011 bankruptcy of MF Global and the subsequent global search for the million $1+ billion in customer deposits is looking increasingly like the tip of the iceberg. There is a much larger risk scenario that is beginning to unfold.  Pay attention now or suffer the consequences later. Hypothecation is far more prevalent than […]

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Rob Monster

The “Give a Sh** Factor”

The “Give a Sh** Factor”

One of the people that has been making the rounds lately in the financial media is a hedge fund manager named Kyle Bass of Hayman Capital.   The guy is often on the right side of the trade, particularly when it comes to his bets in credit markets — notably mortgage-backed securities in 2008 and now […]

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Transferring Domains from GoDaddy into Epik Registrar

The recent launch of the Epik Marketplace has generated a great deal of interest in registering domains with Epik.  Why?  Aside from offering a full-service customer-friendly registrar, domains that are registered at Epik are able to list in the Epik Marketplace commission-free and be visible to a fast-growing audience of predominantly end-users.  There have been […]

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Epik Introduces Domain Registrar Services

In the wake of Epik LLC’s completed acquisition of Intrust Domains’ domain registry business, Epik is pleased to announce the introduction of Epik Registrar Services. With Epik Registrar, you can now acquire domain names and have them appear instantly in your Epik portfolio. We believe that Epik’s ability to couple mainline registrar services with domain […]

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Epik completes acquisition of IntrustDomains registrar operations to add registar management platform

I am pleased to announce an exciting development at Epik — the completed acquisition and integration of the IntrustDomains registrar management platform. The acquisition adds advanced domain management technology, integrated backorder capability, a significant customer base and a talented team with deep competency in the area of domain name asset management and registrar operations.   […]

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Rob Monster

Why new gTLDs are GOOD for domains

Why new gTLDs are GOOD for domains

The long anticipated  announcement by ICANN about opening up the namespace to new gTLDs has received a great deal of attention in the domain industry.  A number of people have asked for my assessment.  My bottom line is that more TLDs is fundamentally good news for domains.   Why more TLDs is good news for […]

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Introducing Masterbucks: Epik’s Online Barter Currency

Epik is pleased to announce the general availability of Masterbucks™. Masterbucks is both an online barter currency and the “stored value” digital wallet in which those monies are stored. With Masterbucks, you can purchase goods and services not just within the Epik Network but from any site that supports the Masterbucks API. Masterbucks are easy […]

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Launching Product Portals 3.0, Where Content is King

The new Product Portals platform, version 3.0, has now been rolled out to all domain owners! The feedback we’ve gotten from early adopters has been overwhelmingly positive, to say the least. The 3.0 platform offers a cleaner, updated UI for the storefront, a brand new admin system, and most importantly, the ability to increase the […]

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Rob Monster

Steve Jobs: Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

With graduation season in full swing, I extend my congratulations to the graduates, and also to the parents who helped them to get there. Steve Jobs’ 2005 Commencement address at Stanford is still a classic and offers a perspective on life from one of the most prolific innovators of this century. If you have never […]

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